Petite Epoque Indiegogo

19 September 2016

Indiegogo Campaign for Petite Epoque

 I truly believe that the best things come in small packages, which is why I am so happy to be participating in the Indiegogo Campaign for Petite Epoque.

Petite Epoque is a clothing line that specializes in women’s jackets, leggings, skirts, dresses and tops and is every short women’s dream line. Being 5’1, this clothing line could not be more perfect for me. Whenever I buy clothes, I know I usually am going to need to get most of them hemmed and altered so that they fit me correctly. Petite Epoque’s clothing line is great because they eliminate all of those costs. They are catered for short women whose height are within 4’9 to 5’4. When other stores carry “petite sizes”, they are made for women who are tall and skinny, but those stores didn’t keep in mind that the average size of women is 5’4, which is technically petite. Standard American sizes are based on a woman whose height is 5’6, but Petite Epoque bases their sizing on a short petite woman who is 5’0. This means that there clothing is a much better fit and their sizes are better!

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Interview: Leslie Of Petite Epoque

For those of you who missed Miami’s Petite Fashion Week, this is a chance to get to know of one the latest petite online stores with its new line of womenswear created to cater to short women to fit proportionately and flatter simultaneously. I had the opportunity to talk to Leslie Ann Liwanag from Petite Epoque and discuss a bit more about her brand and what we can expect in the future.

1) Tell me a little bit about yourself

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always been passionate about fashion. My first fashion icon was Barbie. As I matured into my teenage years, I became even more fascinated with the fashion industry. Watching CNN with Elsa Klensch ignited that passion within me even more. To add to that, standing at just 4’10” in my teenage years and throughout adulthood became a huge obstacle when it came to shopping for clothes. At that time, I decided that I would someday build a clothing empire focusing solely on short petite women.

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Petite Epoque Spring 2018

For those of you who missed it, Leslie Liwanag, owner of Petite Epoque, was a part of ourMiami Petite Fashion week awhile back and we had the chance to see her petite collection live and in color! You can also check out the interview we had with her last year.
Leslie is now re-launching her brand for Spring 2018 and you’ve got a chance to shop the collection before they start selling full price.

This new line is a bit more edgy and fresh compared to the previous collection. The lines consists of dresses, tops, a trench coat and even workout wear! Sizes will range from XS–L and from 0-10. Here’s a quick roundup of the new collection.  

Bridget Dress. This is a super cute dress that’s perfect for those who are bottom heavy. It’s made from a comfortable, stretchy fabric that allows for easy movement. I absolutely love pockets on dresses and this one has em’

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Introducing Petite Epoque: Q&A With Designer Leslie Liwanag

One thing I’ve really enjoyed as a blogger is discovering new petite brands. Lately it seems there are a lot more that are starting up now, which I’m really excited about! I’ve always felt that petites have very slim pickings when it comes to clothes specifically designed for them, because not a lot of  major brands or stores offer petite sizes. 


I’d like to think this new crop of petite brands is arising partly because of all the petite fashion blogs/social accounts drawing attention to our fashion needs. Our online presence and therefore social influence is growing fast. We’re showing the world that we’re a huge market that’s seriously underserved, with the average North American woman being 5’4/164cm (and that’s just one continent). 

Petite Epoque | Petite Fashion for Women

Ok guys, lets talk petite fashion... As a petite woman, myself (we're talking 4'8"), I truly know the frustrations that come with shopping for a unique body type. Pants always have to be tailored, shoes are incredibly hard to find, and jackets - they're kind of the worst. The sleeves, shoulders, waste bands never hit in the correct place, and if one thing fits another doesn't. Having a unique body can really take the fun out of shopping, as I often leave disgruntled and upset with who I am.

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Big Summer Styles | Small Clothing Sizes


HELLO!!! It’s been so long since my last post; around 4 months ago oh my! I was so busy with assignments and family things I couldn’t find the time to blog, but now I’m back and ready to help all you petite ladies with the latest styles that are available for us.

It is summer season where everyone is changing their wardrobes around from winter dull colours to bright summer colours. If you are petite like me and find it hard to get a nice dress to fit you properly or trousers are too long and don’t have the time to turn them up; well right here I will be giving you my Top 10 summer looks and whereabouts you can buy these from.

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Fashion | Petite Epoque

I found the cutest petite clothing line, called Petite Epoque.  The company is currently being sold online and will fully launch July 1!  The company was founded by a petite woman.  She created her company to give petite women all over the world the attention they deserve by creating a line specifically catered to fit proportionately and to give fashion looks and trends that are feminine, functional, high quality, transitional and versatile!  The line focuses on shorter lengths for skirts, leggings, jackets and dresses as well as attention to detail and the comfort.  The company is catered to women of all ages whose heights are within 4’9″ to 5’4″.

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Petite Women Clothing: Petiteepoque

If you are under 5’4″, I’m sure you are familiar with certain challenges when it comes to shopping and dressing. Either  the  skirt or pants hemline is too long or the shirt armholes were too big, finding the right clothes that fit perfectly to your body proportion is a struggle in everyday life being a petite woman. While this may seem very frustrating for many of us, I have a very good news to share to you all today. is here now to rescue us from those challenges. Petite women clothing line ranging from party wear to sports wear, that has recently launched on Indiegogo.

When contacted me last week and was told about their new petite clothing line launched,  I was over-whelmed not because I want to collaborate with them but because I support their goal to end the struggles of many real petite women ( within 4’9″ to 5’4″) on the fashion front like me who is just 5’3″. Though, there are plenty of petite clothing lines, I personally find it still difficult to find the clothes that fit perfectly to my small body frame. And trust me, it’s very embarrassing to shop on the kids section, though I manage to find most of my clothes from kids stores.

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Purely Petite

03 June 2016

Purely Petite

Being a petite women has its perks, of course, like easily being able to find a partner who's taller than you or easily maneuvering throughout a crowd of people without being seen. About 80% of women in the world are under the height of 5'6" but most of the clothes available are for women over 5'6" which is a disadvantage for us "fun-sized" folks.

So, while some taller women have the advantage of being able to buy a pair of jeans without having them altered, we are left walking around like small children wearing our mothers clothing. Although many brands and stores have petite departments, they can often be limited when it comes to the options that are available. Finally, there is a brand that caters specifically to petite women: Petite Epoque! 


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