Born in Manila, Philippines and emigrating to the USA at the age of 8, Leslie Liwanag has seen a lot in life to say the least.  From her journey as a young child to the blossomed individual that she is now, her many experiences has  helped enhanced her creativity and brought out her full capacity’s  inner passion for fashion. 

Before beginning her journey in fashion, she had majored in Psychology for 2 years before attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.  While at FIT, she received her Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and later on obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management.

She’s worked as a Fashion Stylist and collaborated with various photographers for various fashion photo shoots.  Some of her employers include companies such as:  Charlotte Russe, BisouBisou, KayUnger, and Jordache just to name a few.

Leslie has a vast knowledge of the fashion industry and has a clear understanding of the creative side as well as the business aspect of fashion.  Embarking on her own company Petite Epoque was challenging but simultaneously rewarding.  She sees creativity as a way to see the world in new ways.  This new way reflects  what the brand Petite Epoque represents.  She wanted to start a brand that caters to people just like her, who want to look fashionable but without having the stress of re-structuring a garment.

Her greatest aspiration as a designer is to become a voice for women entrepreneurs and be able to give women hope, advise and inspire them in some level to be the best that they can be.  One of her future goals is to be able to host events and speak out in public to encourage people to keep following their dreams.