The Brand

Petite Epoque was created to give short, petite women all over the world the attention they deserve by creating a line specifically catered to fit proportionately and give fashion looks and trends that are feminine, functional, high quality, transitional and versatile. The line gives a feeling of relief by eliminating extra costs for alterations or tailoring by focusing on and recognizing correct proportion sizes.  

This is done by providing shorter lengths on skirts, leggings, jackets and dresses as well as attention to detail and the comfort it gives the wearer. It is catered to short, petite women of all ages and petite sizes and whose heights are within 4'9" to 5'4".

The problem with other companies who carry “petite sizes” is that they make their clothes for women who are tall and skinny and these companies did not keep in mind that the average size of women is 5'4" which is technically 'petite'. Standard American sizes are based on a woman whose height is 5'6", with Petite Epoque our sizing is based on a short, petite woman who is 5'0". Hence, Petite Epoque is every short woman's dream line. It recognizes a void in the marketplace for a better fit and size.

The line specializes in women's jackets, leggings, skirts, dresses and tops. It hopes to venture into cocktail and evening wear in the near future.   Petite Epoque supports domestic manufacturing and therefore, all garments are made in the USA.